Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Thaw

In anticipation of the spring work-fest, we're on vacation.

What this really means, when my husband is on vacation, is that I'M on vacation.  I get an extra hand, when I'm deboning a chicken and a four-year-old wants me to help him read a book, a seven year old is practicing her violin and a nine year old is looking for something.  I get to go to the gym AFTER sunrise.  I get to go skiing with my nine, seven and the two four-year olds with another grown-up.  I get to eat dinner with another adult and drink more beer than ever.


Because vacation isn't all about working on garden prep, pantry fixing, laundry doing, cleaning like a hamster in a wheel, cleaning like a hamster in a wheel and cleaning like a hamster in a wheel.  Was that redundant?  Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

We're just waiting for the ground to dry out and then its on . . . . dig up the dead trees, put in electricity for the irrigation pump, trench for sprinkler line, prep soil and plant new trees.  Because our trees had such poor growth last year, we decided not to prune.

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